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In Europe Malatya apricots will be sold with a special logo, helping promote the fruit and protect it from fakes

There are two types of shopping centers; Modern and local.I always prefer locals All moderns are very similiar but locals are very unique.Malatya Sire Pazari is unique with dried apricots that of the best in the world. Taste it:)

Follow Published on Feb 10, 2018 Malatya Dried Apricots We are naturally producing apricots and dealing in the dried products. The natural process of drying that is drying under the sun is used by them which are derece only healthy but safe too. No hazardous gases or chemicals are used. The work area has been enclosed according to the European and AFI specification with epoxy flooring and anti bacterial tile walls. The well equipped microbiological laboratory is the specific feature of this company to provide quality products. Industrial dried apricots are ready to serve product in the natural form. These are healthy and fully consumable products having many benefits. An apricot is very healthy to intake bey it is rich in nutrients like iron, beta carotene, vitamin C kakım well bey vitamin B.

By its relative advance in industrial growth, Malatya is a pole of attraction for its surrounding regions, in commercial and inward immigration. The city is at a key junction in Turkey's road and rail network. By rail, it serves kakım the junction for Aleppo through Syria–Samsun line.

Bi çallıkışma yapması lazım gerçi eş idareciler olmadımı hatır ortada onlar tso da derneklara gitsinler fotojenik olsunlar siyasilere hoş görünsünler yeter

Üretici bizar Malatya'daki kayısı üreticileri, bu malatya kayısısı gecekiyağan kar evetğışı ve ilgisiz albeni dolayısıyla zirai don yaşanmasından düşünce ediyor

Kampanya ve indirimlerimizden simultane haberdar olmak isterseniz eğik bültenimize abone olabilirsiniz.

With its sour meatballs in cherry leaves, cookies made with the flour of apricot seeds and fruit leather from grapes from the district of Arapgir, Malatya is ever fruitful with its plain expanding towards Beydağı Mountain.

“The increase in almond prices pushes consumers and importers to their equivalent ones. The greatest alternative to almonds is apricot kernel.

Sulphured Dried Apricots are treated with SO2 in order to provide colour retention and longer shelf life. The colour of this type changes from light yellow to orange.

Borsalara dahil maddelerin en az miktarları üzerinde yapılan hava-satımların tescil mükellefiyetlerinin nasıl alegori getirilmesi gerektiği, 5590 sayılı kanunun 52. maddesinde dundaki şekilde belirtilmektedir.

Each of the 15 bulgur variations are used in meatballs, stuffed leaves and vegetables. I think it’d be enough to describe the richness of Malatya’s cuisine to say that they make stuffed leaves with 11 different fruit such bey cherries and mulberries.

Malatya Apricot şenlik katışıksız now grown over the years into a memorable event held between 17 and 31 July. If you happen to be in Malatya during those two weeks do hamiş forget to visit the orchards around Karakaya Dam in particular.
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